Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Sorry for the long silence. I took the Greyhound down to Kelowna for one week of my Spring Break to hang out with my family and to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Ugh, what a long Greyhound ride. I don't even want to talk about it. A 2 hour drive to where I get on the bus, then another 11 hours on the bus. Ok, that's enough, my bum is getting sore just thinking about it! But I did manage to knit myself a nice little shrug on the trip.So, while I was in Kelowna, I got to meet my little nephew Parker for the very first time. It was love at first sight! What a smiley, adorable little guy! I can't resist sharing pictures of him. He'll be 3 months old this Friday! Parker will be about 6 months older than our baby, nice and close cousins!
A full head of hair, just like his mom, when she was a baby! Those cheeks are just too cute!
Parker is saying hello to his cousin in my belly! I'll be 30 weeks on Friday. Where does the time go?
My little sister, her son Parker, and me!
I just love him!
And now that I am back in the Fort, I will have to satisfy myself with just skyping with him. But now that he has met me in person, he is interacting with me on skype by smiling. Yay!

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