Sunday, April 29, 2012

Those Dandelions!

 I love dandelions. I really really do. When we got married, I kept teasing my mother that I was going to have a bouquet of dandelions. In the end I didn't, but I managed to slip a couple into the bouquet before the ceremony. Dandelions add so much colour and happiness to the landscape! And when they go to seed, they look like beautiful snowballs.
People waste countless hours of their lives trying to get rid of dandelions from their yards. Why bother? They're beautiful, enjoy them! Plus, you are fighting a losing battle, especially here in the Fort. Just check out the bounty of dandelions here! I have never seen anything like it! These pictures were taken last year:

This is the park across the street from my house, and a neighbour's yard.
 These next three pictures were taken by my Father-in-Law at the Historic park and another park in town:

Gorgeous! So really, don't fight it. It's time to embrace dandelions! Which is why I painted this cute little sign for my front yard:

I got the idea from Northern Gardener's Almanac blog, in which she posted a picture of a sign saying the same thing (which I shamelessly ripped off). I think it is pretty cute, and it makes excuse to the neighbours come dandelion time.

Oh! And dandelions are not just beautiful, they are also incredibly useful! Just look it up, there are a 101 things you can make with dandelions, from jams and jellies, to syrups, to dandelion wine. You can eat the greens in salads, too. Also, my chickens just love dandelion greens.
I've made dandelion syrup before and it was pretty good. This year I am hoping to make some dandelion wine with some ladies from craft night. I plan on using this old recipe in Aunt Beth's recipe book from 1915. Pretty cool, hunh?

So how about you? Are you a dandelion lover or hater? Have you made anything from dandelions before? Have you heard of anything unusual you can make with dandelions?

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