Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dandelion Wine, Part 2

Today we worked on the next step of our dandelion wine making. We started out by straining the blossoms out of the water that they had been sitting in for a couple of days. While we drained all that liquid, we started grating the zest off and juicing 20 lemons and 20 oranges. This went surprisingly fast with 3 people. I thought it would have taken us a lot longer.
 This is what the dandelion water looked like after we strained out the blossoms.
 These are the spent blooms.
 Next, we added 20 pounds of sugar!!! to our 5 gallons of wine, along with the juice and zest of the 20 lemons and 20 oranges.

 We had a little taste test at this point and it was surprisingly delicious!
 Next the scientific part, using the hydrometer. I don't really understand this part too well, but we took an initial reading of the density of the liquid.
 We will test again after 2 weeks. Apparently, the lower it sinks, the higher level of alcohol is in the liquid. Our first reading had it barely sinking at all.
 Next, we floated stale pieces of bread sprinkled with yeast in our wine buckets.
 We will stir these several times a day for 2 weeks-ish, until fermentation ceases.
And that is it for now! How exciting. This is probably the sort of thing you only do once, just to try it out. But we'll see what it tastes like next year. We may just love it so much that we make it again!!

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  1. You rock! ....and i lok forward to a sample!


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