Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dandelion Wine Time

 Today we started the first stage of dandelion wine making. I forgot my camera (oops), so I took some pictures later to give you something to look at.

So this afternoon I headed out to my friends' farm and we got to work (after touring the gardens) picking 5 gallons of dandelion blossoms. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but the work is surprisingly fast in a town like Fort St. James with its abundance of dandelions. It is also not too hard work for a 8+ month pregnant person. I just sat my butt down and scooted along the field, picking around me. The bugs stayed away for the most part and it was nice to be able to chat along the way. Charlotte joked that she was glad we were picking on one of their back fields so no other farmers could see us. Haha. You don't want to lose your reputation!

My big straw hat kept me cool and the sun off my face. What a great hat it has been for gardening!

Our hands came out looking pretty yellow and caked with pollen. This is after several washings. You should have seen it right after!
 So once that was done, we set 5 gallons of water on to boil and visited the gangly turkey poults and the wee chicks. We came back and poured the boiling water over the blossoms and they will sit like that for a day or two, until the next stage. Stay tuned for what happens next!

In other news, I found some forget-me-knots growing on our walk yesterday, the first wildflowers other than dandelions I have seen.
And the days are even longer now. This picture was taken around 10:15pm. Just wait until it is the longest day (right around my due date!).

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