Friday, May 11, 2012


The flowers of Spring! I think Spring has got to be my favourite time of year! Some much excitement and anticipation with all the new growing things.

 We went fiddlehead picking in our secret spot yesterday. We bring new people to the spot by blindfold to protect the secret location. Just kidding. Kinda. They are sworn to secrecy about the location though.

 After picking, we went to my good friends house to cook them up and make supper. She lives on the lake and it is the most gorgeous spot. You can hear the waves lapping up on the beach and see the sun sparkling on the ice-free water.
 Here's a funny thing. We forgot to cook the fiddleheads for dinner and ended up eating other things. Haha, oh well!
Today I went to the opening of the Farmer's Market and it was a beautifully hot day! It is shaping up to be a wonderful Summer!

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