Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garden in May

On Monday after work, my husband and I went to the secret location to dig a few fiddlehead fern crowns to plant in our garden. It was muddy and fun.
 Our garden is doing really well. The onions I planted last Fall are doing splendidly!
 The rhubarb is thriving. Have I already told you how much I love rhubarb? Mmmmmm, good! I can hardly wait for stewed rhubarb, rhubarb cake, rhubarb pie, rhubarb jam, rhubarb crisp.....
 The leaves on our apple trees have popped out and the blossoms should be following any day now.
 The cherry tree made it through the winter and is loaded with buds...

The tomatoes have been planted in their snug greenhouse frame against the house. It is a whole different climate zone in there. Cool thing about this greenhouse is that it really didn't cost much to build. The only thing I bought was the lumber to build the frame. The clear plastic was left in the shed by the previous owners, and I got the corrugated plastic sides from a neighbour who was tearing down a dilapidated greenhouse in his yard. I am always on the lookout for usable junk!

Here they are, thriving away. Last year, we got about 25 or so ripe tomatoes by having them planted against the house. We are hoping to extend the season and get a lot more tomatoes by having a greenhouse. The sides will come off for ventilation once it gets hot, and will go back on when the temperature starts cooling down again.

 The fiddleheads have now been planted in the shady front yard. I hope they will grow lovely ferns. I don't really plan on harvesting the fiddleheads from these plants, as you should really only pick three from each crown, or you could kill the whole plant. That would mean you would have to plant a whole lota crowns to get a decent harvest. It is much easier to pick them in the wild.
We also planted some irises that another neighbour gifted us. Gardening is such fun!
I also spent some time this week chatting with my back alley neighbours and meeting their little lamb that they are bottle feeding. "Little Brother" is the lamb's name and he is a cutie pie! These neighbours also have geese and chickens in their backyard and it sure does my heart good to see that!

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