Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Waiting Around...

So with my due date in a month, I have finished work, and now I am waiting around for this baby! Do you ever feel like this?:

 I do some of the time, but mostly I am consumed by the urge to nest and be busy doing something. I wish the nesting urge was focused on cleaning the house though, instead of gardening and cooking. Or at least shared evenly between the 3.

Victoria Day at the park was splendid and the free breakfast did not disappoint! it was nice to see more people out in costume this year! I wish we had stuck around a little longer, but it started pouring rain and I forgot my umbrella!
 When Spring comes to the Fort, it comes in fast! The plants grow in double time to make up for having a short summer. I expect the wildflowers to be out shortly.

 And in very sad news, the brand new recycling centre that the volunteers of GUF (Greening Up the Fort) worked so hard to build and bring to our community burnt down to the ground Sunday night. How devastating! They just had their grand opening a few weeks ago.
 My condolences to the members of GUF. They work hard to make our community a better place and it is so frustrating and upsetting when the actions of another person destroys all that hard work in an instant. But the community supports you and we will help you get back what you lost!

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  1. You look so lovely with your belly and your dress! That's so sad about the GUF!


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