Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Days

It was our 5 year anniversary today! Yay! Happy Anniversary to us! We went to Prince George for a midwife appointment and hospital tour and then spent the rest of the day shopping (and buying plants! Hold me back!), and then had dinner in Vanderhoof. A very nice day overall!

Last night, I made Dandelion cookies. Not bad, but not my favourite. They need to be a little more sweet, I think.
 The beautiful pansies we bought! Yay Spring!
 This odd planter came from the top of our old bathroom fan in the attic. I thought it would look cute with flowers pouring out of it.
 This poor cat's head was part of a cookie jar. Sadly, the body is no longer with us.

 And the tulips are blooming in the garden so I brought some inside for us to enjoy.
Spring is so contagious!

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