Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wind, Waves, and Ice

I love this town. It is a different town from the one I grew up in. Lots of subtle differences, some more obvious ones. It has different weather, landscape, people, and culture. There are still so many experiences that are new and exciting to me that I get to witness all the time. For instance, the changing of the seasons happens in a different way here. I've never lived in a place where the lake freezes over in the Winter, so I have never really witnessed the interesting way that that ice comes off in the Spring. Last year I was too busy to notice with all our home renovations. It just seemed to me that it was there one day and the next it was gone. But this Spring, I have spent a lot more time observing the changes to the ice. Like a couple days ago when we took those pictures of the river otter. The ice still covered most of the lake, but had melted away from the shore. But tonight, when we went back to the beach, everything was different. The ice has blown up onto the beach and it looks like there is open water on the rest of the lake. We could actually see the ice being pushed up in piles by the wind and currents. So fascinating and exciting to watch. The noise was incredible. These little things are so interesting to me, and unlike anything I have experienced before.

(Sorry about the video qualtiy. I only had my still camera with me, not our video camera)

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