Monday, June 4, 2012

Dandelion Salve

About 4 weeks ago, I packed some dandelion blooms into a jar, covered them with olive oil and let it sit in a sunny window. This was the first step I needed to do in order to make dandelion salve from this recipe.

Four weeks later, I drained the oil from the blossoms. See how sunny and yellow it is? Lovely colour!
I made a double boiler out of a pyrex measuring cup, added some oil and grated beeswax. I let it all melt together and then poured it into its final jar.

Such a nice coloured salve!
All labeled and ready to rub on sore muscles and joints.
Yet another dandelion recipe I have tried out in order to redeem the reputation of dandelions. So far I have made:
1. Dandelion Syrup
2. Dandelion muffins
3. Dandelion cookies
4. Dandelion leaf pesto
5. Dandelion wine (in process)
6. Dandelion salve

Have you tried any dandelion recipes yet?

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