Saturday, June 9, 2012


"...This is just the kind of evening I love to work in the garden. Things are growing tonight. I hope there'll be gardens in heaven, Susan...gardens we can work in, I mean, and help things to grow."
"But not bugs surely," protested Susan.
"No-o-o, I suppose not. But a completed garden wouldn't really be any fun, Susan. You have to work in a garden yourself or you miss its meaning. I want to weed and dig and transplant and change and plan and prune. And I want the flowers I love in heaven...I'd rather my own pansies than the asphodel, Susan."
                                       ~ Anne of Ingleside, by Lucy Maude Montgomery

I have to agree whole heartedly with Anne in that quote (let's be honest, I agree with Anne in just about everything). I love working in my garden. I love planning and planting and weeding and toiling. I love the quiet time where I can think as my hands do the work. I love planting seeds and nurturing them and watching them grow into beautiful plants.
In the Fall, I wasn't sure whether I'd still be able to work in the garden at this late stage in pregnancy, but I can still manage to sit and weed the garden. I am mainly focused on the chicken coop garden this year and my husband is taking over the vegetable garden.
I spent many enjoyable hours weeding my garden this afternoon in the warm sun with my big hat on and my hands in the dirt. I think it will be a fantastic garden this year, full of edibles and decoratives.
The garden includes:
*a border of lettuces and kale
*lemon balm
*brown eyed susans
*sugar snap peas
*scarlet runner beans
Soon the garden will be bursting with flowers and food, like last year. I can hardly wait!

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  1. Hi Kris thanks for your comment on my blog. Enjoy the garden now because when the baby comes you won't have much time. I used a snugli to carry my babies around with me. It leaves my hands free so I could do things and they slept, snuggled close too me. Enjoy.


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