Wednesday, June 13, 2012


"...Has it ever occurred to you, Diana, that there is something not quite...chaste... in the scent of lilac blossoms? Gilbert laughs at such a notion...he loves them...but to me they always seem to be remembering some secret, too-sweet thing."

                                 ~ Anne of Ingleside, by Lucy Maude Montgomery

It may be true, but I agree with Gilbert on this one and just love them. The lilacs are just starting to come out now and I went for a walk today to gather them up for our house. I love the way they smell, even if they fade so quickly. I wish I could find a way to make them last.
 This evening I made a little craft to keep my mind off the waiting for this baby. A little jar with a dandelion gone to seed and a banner with "wish" printed across it. If I had some of the fancy stamping stuff my mom sells, I think I could have made the banner look even better/more aged.

 But I like it and I think it has a nice, whimsical feel to it.

Oh, and you know what one of my favourite flowers to decorate the house with is? Chive blossoms. They have such a lovely punch of colour and I love the contrast of the purple and the green. Plus, they last forever and I never feel bad about picking them from the garden.

Well, that is all for now, folks. The days are marching closer to my due date and I anxiously await this baby's arrival!


  1. I love your little wish jar! And thanks for the shout out, Kris!

  2. I love the chive blossoms. I never would've thought to bring them in for decoration.


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