Wednesday, June 6, 2012


When we were kids, our grandparents had a cabin at Green Lake and we would go every Summer for a vacation. I have such fond memories of these times. Swimming in the lake, listening to thunderstorms from the covered porch, playing in big refrigerator boxes, making "soups" and sandcastles on the beach, making plaster casts of the deer prints in the sand, sculpting clay we would dig out of the lake, bonfires and burnt popcorn, nature walks, and so so so much more! My husband says that one of my most common sayings is "This reminds me of Green Lake." 
 (My little sister in the front, my older sister in the middle, I'm swimming, and our friend is standing in the back.)
(From left to right: Grandy, me, my Mom, my little sister on her lap and my older sister beside her, Uncle Doug, and Aunty Sue, and Gramps)

Well, at Green Lake, my Grandy had a set of coloured aluminum tumblers that were just lovely. I can remember the fun of choosing the colour I wanted and the way an ice cold drink felt in those cups on a warm Summer's day. 
Well, I found some coloured aluminum tumblers on the internet awhile ago and knew that I had to have them for my kids. We have no unbreakable cups at all at our house and although it will be awhile until our kid is old enough to use them, I think they will be perfect. Already I have enjoyed an ice cold beverage in them for old times sake. What a nice alternative to plastic!

Aren't those colours so much fun? These tumblers bring back so many wonderful childhood memories.


  1. I loved those tumblers. Great find, Kris:)

  2. Love those cups. My grandma had three of them - blue,red, and green. My cousins and I would fight over the colours.


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