Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY: Filing Cabinet Makeover

Since the birth of our son, the amount of important papers that need to be saved has increased ten fold. And our sad accordion-style file folder is bursting at the seams. It was time to get an actual filing cabinet.
Getting a filing cabinet feels like a milestone in a young adult's life. It is a symbol of achieving adulthood, in a way. Your responsibilities have grown and with those responsibilities come numerous papers to clutter your life. The more papers you have, the more mature and responsible you must be. We must be very mature then, but maybe not all that responsible yet, since our important documents exist in quite a jumble right now!
Back to the filing cabinet makeover! We bought this one at Value Village for $10. Not bad, not bad. Then we had to buy a bunch of files and a rack that they can hang off of, which came to about $30. Still cheaper than a new filing cabinet. Now I wanted to do something to fancy it up a bit, since I wanted it to sit in our living room. I figure having it upstairs and in a convenient location might actually mean that we will file those important papers properly, instead of leaving them lying at the top of the stairs, waiting (hoping!) for someone to bring them down and file them away. We clearly believe in the existence of a filing fairy, since we rarely do the deed ourselves.

So here is the before picture: (I always forget to take a picture before I get started. oops)
 I like the colour of the cabinet, I just wanted to add some fanciness to the drawers. I printed out a pattern that I found online, and after removing the handles and stuff, I stuck it on with acrylic gel medium and put two coats on top.
 I put the handles and stuff back on when it was dry.

 Ta da! Lovely!
A nice little flower from the garden to top it off!
And now to sort through all those papers and file them properly.... ugh, I think I will wait for the filing fairy.


  1. Brilliant, Kris! It looks awesome! But I have to tell you that we have been waiting for the filing fairy to show up for about 35 years now. It's not going to happen. :(

  2. Oooh! I love it Kris! It looks fantastic!

  3. What a great idea :) I'm going to have to remember this one.


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