Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Attempt at Rose Water

I have been meaning to try this for over a year now. I found a link to make rose water and bookmarked it, hoping to get to try it at some point. So last night on our walk, I collected some rose petals and then tried my best to make rose water.
 I filled a big pot with some water, placed my jar to collect the distilled water in the middle, and spread the rose petals around. I then brought the water to a boil.
 I placed a bowl of ice water on top so that the evaporated water would collect along the bottom of the bowl and drip into the jar in the pot.
Well, I only got maybe a tablespoon of rose water from this process. A couple of things were not working in my favour: 1.The pot I had wasn't deep enough to allow a jar to sit on top of a brick (as the instructions suggest) while having the bowl on top create a seal. 2. The bowl had a flat bottom and I am not sure that all the moisture collected on the bottom didn't just drip back into the pot and not into the jar. Maybe I will try again some other time when I have the right tools!

Have you ever tried making rose water? Is there an easier method you have tried?

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