Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Nursery

I never really posted any pictures of the nursery before we had Kesten as we had to wait until he was born to get the crib and some other things. But now that it is all here, it is time to share!

This is a painting I made for the room with the hot air balloons I also made. It is supposed to look like they are coming out of the painting.

My mom sewed this beautiful bedding for the crib.

I made this shelf to hold toys and books.

 My friend made this beautiful mobile. Kesten loves to stare at it.

 Curtains to cover the closet.
 I made-over a dresser I bought for $10. I had to strap it onto the roof of our car and drive 2 hours home with it. I painted it green and added yellow gingham drawer liners to the front.
 This was the dresser before.
And that is about it. He sleeps in our room right now, but I am sure he will enjoy it when it is time to move in there.
On another note, it is amazing how good you get at multi-tasking when you are a mother. I wrote this blog post as I nursed my son. Yay for learning how to do things with one hand!


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