Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Trip to Remember

On Saturday we headed out to Burns Lake for my husband's mountain bike race and Kesten's first camping trip. Saturday was a beautifully hot day. About 15 minutes outside of Burns Lake, we stopped our car at a construction site and turned it off. Unfortunately, it wouldn't turn back on again. erk. Well, after a lot of running around and jump starts and calling, some very helpful people at Tirecraft helped us get a new car battery. Whew. That is probably the easiest and cheapest thing to fix that could have gone wrong. So now our car works again, yay! We missed all the downhill races that day, but we had fun setting up camp, swimming in the beautiful lake, and eating dinner in town. We got all cozy and warm and settled down for the night. Kesten did amazing and slept 7 hours in a row! We got more sleep this year than last year at the race (all the campsites were taken and we had to sleep in the parking lot. And then we discovered that our air mattress was missing its plug, so we basically just slept on the hard parking lot ground). In the morning, this little guy's smile greeted us!
 And this was the view from our tent!
 I headed down to the lake in the early morning for a solitary dip. The air was very cool from the drizzling rain and the lake felt so refreshing. I loved watching all the dragonflies dip and skim across the surface of the water and the fish were jumping in the distance.
 The race was 60km long and got off to a good start.
 I took Kesten in the chariot and we waited at various points to cheer on my husband.
 Off he goes!
 Yay Daddy!!!
 Coming across the finish line with a huge smile in second place. We were so proud!
 This mountain biking race/festival is very relaxed. The medals are cookies. Here he is testing the purity of his medal!
 After the race, we packed up camp and headed off to beautiful Smithers in Northern BC. (For those of you Simpsons fans out there, Burns Lake and Smithers are very close together. Coincidence?) We stayed at a very nice motel, The Fireweed Motor Inn. We walked around town and headed off on a couple of hikes. The first was a walk to Twin Falls.
Look at the lush foliage!
 A glimpse of the falls.
 Kesten had so much fun, he was sound asleep!
 Next we took to the road to Driftwood Canyon. What a view!
 The old Driftwood Canyon school.
 There is a provincial park there with a fossil bed. Unfortunately, you are no longer allowed to search for fossils in order to preserve them, but you used to be able to explore and even take some home. There are a few pieces of shale that have fallen down to the guard rail.
And that just about wrapped up the trip. We got home this afternoon and I am looking forward to getting everything unpacked and settling back in to our routine. But it was a wonderful vacation!

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