Sunday, August 26, 2012

Northern Animals Wooden Toys

My friends gave me some scrap wood a few months ago, knowing that I love to recycle things. This wood was a hardwood (I think Maple) and it gave me the idea to make some wooden toys for Kesten. Hardwood is so strong and dense that it makes a nice durable toy. I wanted to make some Northern animals for Kesten to play with, as he was born in the North. I looked at various animals photographs on google images and then I drew some silhouettes to make patterns. I then traced them onto the hardwood and cut the images out with my scrollsaw. I sanded the toys down and then polished them with some beeswax wood polish that I made.

The animals on the left don't have polish on yet, and the cougar on the right does.
A bear, fox, wolf, beaver, moose, cougar, and frog. (The four Nak'azdli clans are bear, cariboo [I did a moose though, they look similar], beaver and frog.)
 This one is my favourite!
 Woodburned with my logo. HN for Honey Nutbrown's.
 The moose and fox.
 Cougar and wolf.
 Bear, frog, and beaver.
When he's old enough, I'll give them to him to play with. Hopefully he'll like them! I've got lots of wood left over and I'm thinking of some more projects...


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  2. So when do you open your table at the market? :)

    Those are super cool. It is awesome that you included the clan animals


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