Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pink Teddy, Blue Teddy

When I was a baby, someone gave me a little pink teddy bear. This teddy was one among many other teddies I received, yet for some reason, "she" stood out to me. I loved my "Pink Teddy"* so much and really felt like she was alive and had emotions. I took her everywhere with me. I decided pink would be one of my favourite colours because Pink Teddy was pink and I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I made her a stocking to hang with our stockings at Christmas time (one year she got a mini jar of honey). I drew her a family photo album of all my other teddies. One time the tooth fairy brought her the clothes that she is wearing in the picture. When we moved to a new town and I started going to a new school, I brought Pink Teddy along in my backpack, hidden so that the other kids wouldn't see her and make fun of me. I didn't want to leave her alone at home in case there was a fire or someone robbed the house. I figured she would be safer with me. I had a very deep attachment to Pink Teddy. Today she is not so very pink anymore and her rattle barely works. One ear is bigger than the other and her "fur" is worn away in the spots where I used to hold her. But she still smells the same and she still feels just as cuddly when I hold her. She will always be special to me. 

Kesten was given a blue teddy bear. He loves to look at it and hear the sound of the rattle inside the teddy. He has even grabbed it. I think it is so cute that my little boy has a Blue Teddy. Teddies are so very special.

Did you have a special teddy bear as a child? Do you still have it?

*Pink Teddy is about as unoriginal name as you can come up with. I guess I had yet to stumble upon my talent for creative names that would later be responsible for a doll named Zucchini and cats named Pickle and Beetle.


  1. The two teddies look like they are having fun together. :)

    Mine is a crochet Donald Duck. It's how my parents knew who I was in the hospital nursery. He's traveled the world with me and is currently sitting on our bookshelf with the new Donald I got from my aunt for my 30th birthday.

    You can't beat a long-term stuffed animal companion.


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