Friday, August 10, 2012

Salmon and Gardens

Well this picture is a little gruesome, but it is hard to get a picture of the live fish! The salmon have started coming upstream of Nahounli Creek. Salmon are such amazing animals, aren't they? They make such a long journey, then struggle upstream, sometimes even up little waterfalls, to return back to the stream of their birth to lay their eggs (or fertilize them) and then die. Sad and amazing at the same time. There aren't very many salmon in this stream, but I have seen streams and creeks packed with the red and green fish, making their way back to the beginning. Every four years there is a larger than usual run, which is incredible to see. Have you ever seen the salmon run?
 Parts of Nahounli creek are just beautiful, while other parts have lots of litter. Too bad!
 And now back to the garden: My first sunflower is in bloom! I love my sunflowers so much.
 The lettuce and kale are thriving in the border. It is nice to be able to go out and pick it whenever we want a salad. I planted the garden a little too thickly this year. It is an absolute jungle! But I knew I wouldn't get much time to go out and weed it (and I was right!) so it is better to have it thick with plants I want there, rather than with weeds.
 I made another planter out of an olive oil can and some nasturtiums have started blooming in it.
 Such a wild jungle! But I think the chickens have been grateful for all the shade the garden has provided, as it has been such a hot Summer!
 Brown Eyed Susans in the garden. Perhaps my second favourite flower after sunflowers.
 There are always ripe peas to be picked, hanging off the teepees and growing up the sunflowers.
 Neon calendula! I have been saving the spent flowers to make calendula infused oil for making salves.
 Rudbeckia: Brown Eyed Susans and another variety that I forget the name of...

And here is some of the random wheat that has been springing up all over the yard from the chicken scratch that the birds spread around. Very cool!

Things are shaping up for a nice weekend. We are going to the Prince George Exhibition tomorrow and then hopefully camping out in our yard to give it a trial run with Kesten! What are your weekend plans?

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