Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Toy Making!

I think I have the toy making bug! I've been having lots of fun designing, experimenting, and making little toys. This is something I liked doing when I was a kid too. I made my own dolls for my dollhouse and I made my own "petshop" animals out of fimo. I think I had more fun making the toys than I did playing with them!
Here is a picture of the felted "rattle" I made a few weeks ago.
The rattle isn't too loud, I need to come up with a way of making a louder rattle sound.
 Today, I tried to make another wood toy out of maple with a pine inlay. It was very difficult to do! Way above my skill level. It turned out ok, but I probably won't be making too many toys with different inlays.
 I plan for the owl to be part of a set of little woodland critters and make a playhouse for them out of a log. I have drawn the designs for the other animals, I just need to make patterns and then cut them out.

 And here are all the little toys I've made so far!

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