Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, the Weather Outside...

... Is Frightful! We have had non-stop snow for a few days and over a foot of accumulation. This is bizarre and kind of fun too. The colourful fall pallet has been replaced with shades of white and grey. I don't think this snowfall will melt until next April!
 In other news, we had an earthquake here on Saturday off of our coast. It measured 7.7, which is huge! We felt it all the way over here, although it wasn't too strong. I started feeling dizzy and then felt the floor shaking and saw the pictures and lights swinging. I was skyping with my sister when it happened and she saw the screen shake a bit. It certainly brought back scary memories of the big one I was in in Colima, Mexico almost 10 years ago. Sadly, many people were killed in that earthquake and so many buildings were damaged and destroyed, right around us as the ground shook. We were right in the middle of the area where the most damage and deaths occurred (Via de Alvarez). In an earthquake, you desperately want to get to a place where the ground is stable, but that doesn't exist. It is hard to stand upright. You always think of the ground as such a stable place, but you realize that is not true in an earthquake.
Luckily with this recent earthquake no one was injured and there was very little damage, if any at all. Phew.

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