Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Foggy Morning

We fell asleep to rain pattering on the roof and woke up to this:

Oh, November! Such a dreary month, my least favourite. November is cold and grey and we know that Winter is just beginning. So around this time, I like to make my list of all the things I plan to enjoy this Winter. Here we go:
Skiing on the frozen lake. Reading books to my baby while snuggling in blankets. Outdoor and indoor skating. Craft fairs and craft nights. Candle light. Peppermint tea and honey. Baking. Christmas tree hunting and decorating. Christmas traditions. Building snowmen. Knitting. Sledding. Shovelling snow (I really like doing this!).  Snowed-in evenings. Decorating the house for Christmas. Going to see the swans on the river. Wintery walks in the woods. Cozy movie watching. Hot baths.

What do you enjoy about Winter?


  1. Pretty much everything you listed gets my heart beating a little faster... especially knowing that this year we will have a white Christmas! Hooray!

  2. Ooooo...sounds like you are going to have a lovely winter :) It doesn't get cold enough to snow here. It looks gorgeous. In winter I like to go to bed early and read, make big chunky soups and watch tv in my pjs and woolly socks :)



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