Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gathering Willow

Today we went out to gather willow and Red Osier Dogwood for weaving baskets and other projects. It was a nice, warm day and the woods were very still and quiet. The little boy napped while I clambered through the bushes, cutting branches. It was much easier this time, with only a few inches of snow on the ground. Last year when I harvested willow I was pregnant and climbing through nearly waist deep snow. It was a sweaty affair. This year we got to enjoy the sound of the bubbling creek and the crows calling. We got a pretty good amount this time, but I was having a hard time finding nice straight branches. Stayed tuned for the projects that will come...

(This is me last year)


  1. Hi Kris, you've had a lovely day up there. It was sunny here on Vancouver Island too, normally its raining! I'm looking forward to seeing your projects with the willow etc.
    My knitting group met today. We made wristers, very similar to your's.

  2. Hi Chris! I started making a little basket tonight, but haven't had too much time to work on it! My sister was living in Comox for awhile and we went to visit her last Christmas. Very warm compared to here!
    We are starting up our craft night here soon, and I am looking forward to knitting again, along with other crafts!


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