Monday, November 12, 2012

Gingersnaps and Snowy Walks

What a busy weekend we have had! We made a trip into Prince George on Saturday to buy all those things that have been adding up that we can't buy in our small town. And then we have been doing some home renos- ripping down all the wallpaper Boos scratched up and re-painting those walls, plus we replaced two light fixtures in the living room. It looks so much warmer in here now. I love it! I'll show you pictures later. In between the renos, I baked some gingersnaps and we took a walk to the lake and saw some swans simming. They overwinter here in the river, but since the lake is not yet frozen, they ventured over for a swim and a meal. It looks like a juvenile swan was with them- the Ugly Duckling!

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