Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Hudson's Bay Coat

My Aunty Dorothy (who was actually my step Great Grandma but thought "Great Grandma"sounded too old) was a very fashionable woman. When she passed away, her sister gave me a bunch of her old photos. This is a picture of her sister, Edna, in a Hudson's Bay Coat. I love looking through these old photos, they give me a wonderful glimpse into her life and into this era. I've just scanned a bunch of these photos and I will be sharing them over the next little while. Enjoy!


  1. Your "Aunt Dorothy" sounds like quite a gal.
    She and Edna look very fashionable. One of my favourite things to do is to look at the old photos with my mother. It gives you a real sense of connection. I still prefer photo albums to computer screens, call me old-fashioned!

  2. She was quite the gal! She loved her red lipstick and looking well put together!
    Photo albums are nice, but I am always too lazy to print photos and put them in a book!


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