Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day Disaster

I am writing this at 2:30am, as I still have adrenaline coursing through my body and I can't sleep.
I woke up for apparently no reason. But once I woke up, I smelled a bit of smoke. It is a very cold night, -25c, so it is not unusual to smell smoke from all the wood fires burning in town. But this was a bit different. With dread in my stomach, I looked outside and saw smoke coming from the chicken coop. Because it had been so cold tonight, I had put the heat lamp inside the coop with chickens, because Betty had been moulting.
I threw on my dressing gown, pulled on some boots and mitts and ran outside to face the worst. The heat lamp had fallen -probably knocked down by the chickens fighting each other or something- and was smouldering in the sawdust. Both chickens are dead from smoke inhalation. I threw snow on the smouldering spot and unplugged everything, but other than that, there is nothing more to do until morning. I feel sick inside. I wish I had left the heat lamp out. I wish I had left their door open. I guess they could have frozen then, I don't know. But I feel so guilty and sad.


  1. Oh no, Kris. I'm so sorry! What else could you have done? Love you!

  2. Try not to feel guilty. It was an unfortunate accident, and not your fault. You tried your best to care for them.

  3. I am very very sorry. :( Knit something in their honor and know you were only trying to do what you thought was right. I would have left a heater on too if I had a moulting chicken in that cold a weather,

  4. Thanks everyone. it means a lot.

  5. That is sad but you shouldn't feel guilty - you did your very best for those chickens by trying to keep them warm on a bitterly cold night.
    Thanks for the lovely Christmas pictures..your Dad did a great job on the rocking horse!

    1. Thanks Chris.
      The rocking horse is very special, and Kesten seems to really like it!


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