Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday we headed out on the snowy road in the woods to cut down our Christmas tree. We like to cut them  from under power lines or over gas lines where they will just be cut down anyways.
 After searching around for a good tree, we finally discovered the one. I cut it down and we dragged it back to our car. The snow was so deep, it was coming over our boots.
 A really tall tree! We had to cut off the top so it would fit in our house.
 Kesten was all tuckered out from the fresh air!
 All decorated now, it looks great! I love using homemade, old fashioned decorations. I have some vintage glass balls, too. I made some popcorn garlands for it this year, with rosehips instead of cranberries in between.
We haven't used popcorn garlands for a few years, ever since our incident in our old house. We lived in a really old house and the first year we had our tree, I kept waking up in the morning to find our popcorn garland broken. I would repair it, wondering how it happened, but sure enough, next day I would find it broken again. It was a mystery to me until one night, I was lying on the couch, watching a movie, when I was horrified to observe a mouse scamper across the floor, climb the tree and begin to nibble on the garland! Well the popcorn garlands came down and we started to foster some cats through the SPCA and that was the end of our mouse issues. I feel confident enough this year that we won't be having that problem- No mouse would dare come into this house with Boos around. She is one ferocious hunter!

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