Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alys Fowler

With the cold wind howling outside and temperatures dropping to -20c, it is the perfect time to watch the Edible Garden series with Alys Fowler. Not only do I love her garden, her knowledge, and her presenting style, but her clothes, curly hair, and love for her pets remind me a lot of a friend (the inspiration behind Mary's Merry Wristers).
In this series, Alys grows a garden with her edibles mixed in with her flowers, a concept I have been trying to do in the garden around my chicken coop (which has been my most successful garden
up here). The idea is to have a beautiful garden that is also useful. The scattered placement of your fruit and vegetables also helps to foil garden pests. This series is giving me lots of ideas on how I can improve and expand my chicken coop garden this year.
Enjoy watching this 6-part series! It's a good one!


  1. Most interesting! I must look for more of her, thanks for sharing

    1. The first video I saw of her was Winter on the Allotment, also a good one!


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