Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I had never seen fireflies until I was 18. I was living in Mexico at the time, working in an orphanage down there. One night, during the rainy season my friend took me outside into the cool damp night. She pointed out all the fireflies glowing around. I have never seen anything like it. It was so magical. We ran back inside and got some make-shift nets and some jars and spent the evening trying to catch the fireflies, running around the wet grass in our barefeet.
I have never seen fireflies since that time, but I miss the magic of them. A few years back, I found a beautiful jar at the hardware store that contained solar-powered fireflies. Not quite the same thing, but beautiful all the same. I knew that I wanted that jar for my future kids (and myself!). This evening I showed it to Kesten while he was in his crib and he was enthralled! He loved watching them pulse and glow in the dark.

A little reminder of the magic that exists in nature.


  1. l've never seen fireflies either. Your little one looks like he is teething :)

  2. Haha, he ALWAYS looks like he is teething! That boy chews on things non-stop!

  3. Those are soo cool! When I was a kid there were lots of stories about them, but I never saw them - it took me years(pre-internet years) to understand that there weren't any in BC! I must find solar powered ones! I can see how your little one would be so intrigued

    1. I got the firefly lantern at a home depot. I know they have had them there for a number of years.


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