Saturday, January 26, 2013

Letting My Hair Down

Literally! Last night the band Blackberry Wood  came to Fort St. James to play their funky mix of "alt-country-gypsy-circus music." I went out and danced the night away with some friends, probably for the first time since Kesten was born. I got to wear my hair down, which doesn't happen often, considering that it is almost waist-length now and my little guy likes to pull it. Not to mention the post-pregnancy shedding. Haha. Anyways, I jumped gleefully around the dance floor (you might have even called it dancing), until I was too hot, sweaty, and tired and was probably in bed before 11:30. (Cinderella seems like a wild party-er to me, now that I have a baby. A midnight curfew? And she didn't make it home in time? This lady needs to get a grip!)
(picture is from

In other news, it has been so exciting to see my Year in Temperatures Scarf project take off! Bernat approached me about using the scarf idea for a KAL/CAL. A blogger, Underground Crafter, has made a crochet stitch pattern for the scarf. And a textile teacher from Iceland is writing an article about it in her magazine. So very cool! I feel a little bit famous!

Life around here continues to be wonderful! My little boy is growing so fast! He was 7 months old on Friday. I can't even believe it.
 Here he is, sitting (sitting!) in the bassinet for his monthly "birthday" picture.
I love his beautiful eyes!
 During nap times I have been busy knitting and coming up with a new pattern. I have also been reading through the Harry Potter series again.
Ok, question time: What tasty (and maybe unusual?) things do you like to put on your salads? I have been really craving salads lately and I have been having so much fun trying different combos of toppers. Avocados, apples, feta, olives, tuna, pineapple, cashews, almonds, dried cranberries, cheddar, and tomatoes have all made an appearance at one time or another. So what do you like on your salads?


  1. What a little sweetie pie! Those eyes! Those long fingers!
    I like nuts and dried cranberries and croutons on my salad. We also picked up a container of "salad fixins" when we were in Bellingham, WA which I sometimes sprinkle on my salada, but I don't think it's all that good for me so I don't use it that often.

  2. Ooo, croutons! Yum! We got a jar of salad spice awhile ago and you grind it onto your salad like you would grind pepper. We used to flavour fish and pretty much everything except salad. It's run out now and I can't find it anywhere :(

  3. It's good to let your hair down from time to time.
    Rick ~ Your latest follower.


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