Thursday, February 14, 2013

El Dia de Amor y Amistad

The Day of Love and Friendship. That is what they call today in many Spanish-speaking countries. Five years ago today I was in Cuba, on a field trip with my Social Work class and doing research with a professor. February 14th is big there, everyone goes out to eat. My friends and I ended up waiting hours and hours to get into a restaurant for some dinner, and even more hours to get food. I don't think we got to eat until after 10pm. It was like that episode of Seinfeld where they are waiting in that Chinese food restaurant forever. You know the one? We finally got food after 10pm. If you know me, you know I get so grumpy and horrible when I am hungry. It was brutal. And yet, I still look back on that with fond memories.

Ok! Onto more exciting things! I candled my eggs yesterday and was very excited to see that 6 out of the 7 eggs are developing with little embryos swimming around! Here is a horribly blurry and obscure picture to show you. The darker spot near the bottom is the chick developing. Use your imagination. Amazing that in just 15 days that will be a fully formed chick hatching out! (If all goes well, that is. Don't count those chickens until they hatch!).  The seventh egg looks like it suffered an early death, as it has a red ring inside it. I didn't hold out too much hope for that one though, since it was stored in the fridge before incubating! (When I went to collect the eggs, two were cracked, so our only option was to take two from the fridge. One is developing, the other is the dud).
 I think it is so cool that I am growing chickens in my living room! So exciting! And two weeks until they hatch. I love watching that happen!
 I am also growing some cilantro in the living room and some geraniums in the kitchen. Ah, new life and growing things!

We have had two weeks straight of daily highs above freezing. My temperature scarf for February is all yellow so far! It is so bizarre! I think it is going to get slightly cooler in a few days, but it has really felt like Spring with the hot sunshine and melting snow. It makes me a bit nervous though, since we haven't had our cold snap yet. Hmmmm. I hope we don't get our Winter in April instead!


  1. Nice! I love that you are growing chickens in your living room! Will you have them in there after they hatch? That could make for some great winter entertainment for the whole family! Hanger (hungry anger) is the worst....but something fun to laugh about after you eat....Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Hehe, hanger is one of my favourite terms.
      I'm not so sure we'll leave the chicks in the living room when they hatch-they get really dusty, plus I'm pretty sure the cat will stop at nothing to try and eat them! But these chicks will only be here a day or two before the lady I am hatching them for comes to pick them up, so I might just keep them in the living room for that time.

  2. I do remember that Seinfeld! That's too funny!
    I think it's very cool that you are growing chickens in your house - and not only that, but that you know what to do!!!! I would be so scared and completely clueless. I am so excited to follow the progress of these 6 little ones.
    And good for you for growing things in your house, I don't have room for that so I always have to wait until at least april but I did manage to keep two geraniums from last year's garden going in my house, so I guess that's something.

    Do you sometimes dread the weather because you didn't want to put a certain colour in your scarf? LOL

    1. I love hatching chickens! This is only my second time doing t on my own, but I have done extensive reading on it and I was lucky enough to do it twice when I was in school as a kid. It is really a thrill! My favourite part is when the eggs start to wiggle a day or two before they hatch, and you can hear them cheeping away! It is absolutely incredible! I will definitely keep you posted on the progress.
      That is so funny what you said about the scarf! Totally true! In the first month, I was desperate for any temp change, because I wanted to add new colours. This month, I am getting lazy switching colours, so I am happy to keep it the same for a time.


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