Friday, February 8, 2013

Flower Seeds and Chicken Eggs

Oh my, 8 days into February and every daily high has been above zero! There is still snow, so my puttering is limited, but I did make a little wattle/hurdle fence for garden decoration. It might look nice with some flowers growing against it in the Spring.
 My little boy can push himself up to sitting, and just today he really crawled for the first and pulled himself up to standing 3 times.
 He leaves a very proud, but heart-achy mother in his wake. He grows so fast and I love every minute of it!
 We planted a few experimental seeds yesterday. Some from seed heads in the garden, some old flower seeds, some olive seeds, and some cilantro.
 Nostalgia kitty strikes again. She found the old basket that she used to sleep in as a tiny kitten and curled right up.
 Oh Boos. You are a nice kitty!
 AND....This morning Kesten and I took a frosty walk through the Historic Park and picked up some eggs for incubating (this batch are for another lady, not me). Kesten is checking out the set-up here, making sure it is baby-proof.
7 eggs, due to hatch February 28th. In a week I will candle them to see if any of them are fertilized and developing. You never know! We'll keep our fingers crossed.


  1. Oh how very exciting about the eggs! Keep us posted I want to follow along - And Kesten's just so adorable!

    1. Thanks! And I really hope these eggs are fertilized. We'll find out on Friday, I guess!


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