Monday, February 25, 2013

My Wheat Field!

Guess who's desperate for Spring? Couldn't be me.... I marked the 100 square foot patch of land where I will be growing my wheat this Summer and then I shovelled the snow off of it. I know, know. But it felt so good to be puttering about. And then I started to dig the turf off of it. I've only got about 20 square feet done, but that is a pretty good start, considering it is still February. Since then it has snowed a bit, but everyday it gets above zero and then freezes at night.
From our house it looks like an archaeological dig happening. I did unearth a plastic toy cow and a big rusty nail. Such treasures! Ha!
Even if it snows more, this patch will have a head start when it come to melting and hopefully I'll be able to plant my wheat in time to have a harvest this Summer/Autumn.


  1. Very exciting! You are enthusiastic!
    I have found lots of mutilated toys in my yard during digs - some I added as decorations to containers.
    Our tulips and day lilies are sprouting through the earth, I sure hope we don't get any more snow this season. You have less snow than I thought you would.

    1. We are having a very mild Winter! We usually have way more snow than this!
      It is weird that we get Spring months later than the Coast... It definitely is long awaited!

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I love your industriousness!


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