Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Skiing at the Fort

Kesten and I went for a quick ski today at the Historic Site to take a few pictures. 

Hot and sunny! What a February this has been!
 This guy wasn't outside, but he will be waiting to greet guests in June at the Visitor Center. Aren't sturgeon the coolest looking fish? It's a little hard to believe that they live in our lake!
 A dug-out canoe, the flagpole and our lake.
 Dimpled skies.
 Here are the parents of the eggs in our incubator. They look pretty ugly right now as they are moulting, but they are beautiful birds normally.
 Snow was melting off the roof of the Officer's Dwelling House.
It is always so tranquil at the Park, and the views are incredible. I love that it is a ten minute walk from my front door.


  1. wow, what cool pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

    enjoy *~*

    1. Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by, Teresa!

  2. Awesome photos! How big was that sturgeon in the tank - it looks kinda small is it? People come down to the river where I live (Mission BC) to fish the sturgeon too - they are 7' + long and many are at least 100 years old. So glad they are a protected species (hope they build up to good numbers again). I forgot they were in lakes too.

    1. He was just a little guy- probably smaller than my forearm. He was bred, born, and raised in captivity, so he won't able to survive in the wild. But he should enjoy at least 20 years in this tank until he has to move to a larger home.
      They do do a sturgeon release program in the rivers here. I want to go this year.


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