Sunday, March 24, 2013

Family Visit

My sister, and her lovely family have been up here visiting us for the first time this week. We are having a blast seeing each other again, and the little cousins are having a hoot playing together. The last time they saw each other, Kesten was just 3 weeks old and Parker was 6 months! Here I am supervising their play.
A visit to Fort St. James isn't complete without a stop at the Historic Park. We booked a private tour and immensely enjoyed it! Here you can see graffiti from the late 1800's on the wall of the fur warehouse.

After the tour, we had free reign of the museum, along with all the dress-up clothes. What fun we had!
Sisters and cousins! We just need our older sister here to complete this photo! We missed her this week!
We are big goofballs!

"We're out of milk!"

The little guys had fun playing with the clothes in the trunk!

The next day, we took a trip to our friend's farm and got to visit with the first baby calf of the season, a strapping baby boy.
He's going to see his mommy.
Very sweet!
After that, we have been busy with our boys, making felted slippers, doing fun photo shoots, and hanging out by candlelight for Earth Hour. Dandelion wine was consumed, chocolate cake was gobbled up, and episodes of Seinfeld enjoyed. We crafted, knitted, walked, and played. Tonight is the last night of their visit and we will miss them so much!
What a great couple of weeks we have had, visiting with family back East and at home. And some things for you to look forward to in the future:
1. I have a new knitting pattern completed and ready to post in a couple of days
2. I have 5 eggs growing in the incubator and set to hatch in 13 days!!!!


  1. What??? Eggs in the incubator, awesome - let's follow along again.
    Love the fun you had at the museum. It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    1. YES! Eggs in the incubator again! And can you believe, only two days until lockdown!? I candled them again tonight and so far, all five are still growing. Fingers crossed! I will update soon.


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