Monday, April 29, 2013

April Flurries...

...Bring May worries. That's how the poem goes, right? Well, I am typing this as it is snowing (and sticking! just a little bit). But I am really not too worried. Spring and Summer will eventually come. And in the meantime, we'll just continue on with our days, enjoying playing with this funny little guy and digging in our garden.

It was business casual at work today.
Working hard or hardly working?
Next he tried on Mommy's new boots.
They were longer than his legs, so he couldn't stand up in them.
It has been blustery for several days. Actually, beyond blustery. A howling, unsettling wind that is chilled through from blowing over the ice on the lake. The ice is piling up all over the place.

This river otter was poking around the ice, looking for food. He was pretty wary of us and would dive under and surface several meters away, breaking a hole in the rotten ice and poking his head out to see if we were still there watching him.
Not much longer until the lake will be freed from its icy captor.
And as I finish writing this post, it is still snowing, but the snow that stuck has melted, so there is hope!

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