Monday, April 22, 2013

Field Trip

I took the chicks outside for the first time yesterday. They loved scratching in the grass, hopping about, and testing their wings. These little ones are amazing flyers! I don't remember any of my other chicks being able to fly this high or this good!

They are always mooning me!

This looks like it should be on the cover of their new album.
I planted half of my wheat field yesterday. I am experimenting and doing things to see what I get the best results with. I am planting two varieties of grain (Blue Tinge Ethiopian Wheat and Chinook Wheat), I've added bone meal to half the field, and I am planting at two different times, now and in a few weeks. How very scientific of me.

I've covered the wheat field with netting to keep the birds off. Now we just have to worry about the voles, but I am counting on my cat to guard it for me.
There's our yard! Things are slowly getting done. In a few weeks it will look so green! There is still a tiny patch of snow by the back fence.


  1. Very cool! Will the chicks stay outside from now on? We're still having morning frost... how about you?

  2. The chicks won't stay outside yet, not until 4 or 5 weeks old. Yes, we are still getting morning frost-some nights I suspect it is getting close to -10c!


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