Friday, April 19, 2013

Gardening Up-Close

My little gardening buddy and I took advantage of a small window of dry weather, after two straight days of rain, to go outside and play and snap a couple pictures.

 Rain isn't always that much fun, but at least it is rain, and not snow, even overnight.

And I just thought I would share this picture of my talented son, making tennis balls levitate in our basement. He is truly a wonder.


  1. Wow, how does your son do that? Can he levitate wallets?
    It's nice to get out and garden isn't it?

    1. I am loving getting out into the garden! I love getting my hands covered in dirt, I really do! It is so therapeutic. Do you have a garden?

    2. HI Kris - yes I do have a garden as well. I've got little seedlings of lettuce already coming up. I try to get a much food out there as I can. My biggest problem is my yard is kinda shady, and of course the dang slugs get to many of the plants. I have to put the strawberries in hanging baskets because I'll leave the fruit to get nice and ripe from the sun (if we're lucky) only to find half - yes half - of it eaten by those dang slugs! I do more containers these days. I'll be following along with you and hope to share some pictures soon, we're supposed to have some sun next week so I can finally catch up!


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