Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It was a drizzly day with a coastal feel. Add to that the sound of the seagulls, returning from their Winter retreat. I never realize the gulls have gone until they are back. What a beautiful sound they make.

Since it was so drizzly but warm, we decided to use Kesten's new Tuffo Muddy Buddy rain suit and play in the yard. It is still really big for him, but I hope it will fit in the Autumn. 
 Grass has such a neat texture to it. He loves to pull at it. He looks like a big yellow marshmallow.
 Here he is helping me weed. We got the quinoa bed weeded today and it is almost ready to plant.
 He hates wearing hoods or hats and kept trying to pull it off! But the rain would get in his face then.
 No fresh eggs yet, but hopefully by September/October.

 My lavender survived the Winter. I hope it will produce flowers this year so I can make lavender cookies, and lavender everything! It already smells so good when I brush it with my hands.
 Inside we moved the bigger seedlings into larger pots. I put the Balcony Charm cherry tomatoes into round pots and the Buckflats Wonder tomatoes into square pots (incase I forget which are which!) I've got a lot of Rudbeckia, probably too many! I'll have to give some away.
 Yay plants!
 My Spring Machine is going strong! Chicks on top and plants on the bottom. You wouldn't even believe how many feathers those chicks have. They are practicing flying right now, leaping from one side to the other, kicking sawdust everywhere. They are so much fun to watch.

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