Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's a Wrap!

Yay! Another very successful hatch! All five chicks are established in their brooder, the last having hatched out at 11am.

This is a picture of an egg that has "zipped." First the egg pips, which means it makes the initial break in the shell. Then it sits like this for hours and hours, sometimes for more than a day. Than, the chick starts to pip around the shell,  or "zipping." It goes around in a circle so that it can then push and bust out of the shell. It is really cool to watch!
 The chicks are getting established in their brooder.
 All nestled in.

 That is a tasty toe! The chick probably thought it was a worm. They are kinda like kittens, they will chase and pounce on string, or any little thing that moves.
 A little Wyandotte.
 Soooo, I thought I had arranged to pick up 6 Wyandotte eggs to hatch. The lady I picked them up from threw in an extra egg for me, just in case, which was good, since two of the eggs didn't grow. What I didn't know was that this egg was a Cochin chicken, not a Wyandotte. When she hatched out yesterday (she was in egg C), I noticed she had feathered feet and legs and a single comb instead of a rose comb. I figured out that she must be a Cochin and I asked the lady and she confirmed. She had labeled the egg and assumed I knew, but I misread the label. Haha! So a cute little surprise chicken! I am so happy about this, since I really considered getting Cochins before. I hope she is a she, so I can keep her! Look up what Cochins look like as adults, they are cuties!
 Look at her teardrop markings! So sweet! And those fluffy feet!
Whew, it was a long hatch this time, but still very succesful. I have now done three hatchings with this style incubator and have had great results. I am very pleased.


  1. Congratulations! I love the play by are definitly making me want to have some chicks (and a baby!) of my own! I havent been on here for a few weeks and it is alway so much fun reading through your posts : )

    1. Haha! Do it! They are so much fun (chicks and babies ;)

  2. Hi! I stumbled on your blog via Ravelry and have really enjoyed reading. Just figured I would de-lurk. :)

    1. hehe, hi Julia! Thanks for dropping a comment! Glad you enjoy reading the blog :)

  3. Oh that's just so cool! And I love the surprise chicken! How fun. I hope they're all girls so you don't have to get rid of any roosters. Love the photos, I'm learning so much about chickens - thank you!


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