Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm a little confused. A robin means Spring, right? But snow means Winter. Oh well! It keeps coming but it melts right away. It needs to get warm again so we can get rid of all of this snow and get to gardening! (I did find 3 dandelion blooms today though. That gave me hope.)
 My parents were up for a short visit and while they were here, my Dad and I built the extension to my chicken coop. Eventually the extension will be mobile, so the chickens can enjoy fresh grass around the yard.

The chicks already have feathers on their wings and are so much bigger! And they're not even a week old yet! The speed at which they grow astounds me. In 3 more weeks they will look more like chickens than chicks! Here is a little video I snapped of them chasing a string and a bit of paper. They are so funny to watch! 

We had to deal with a four hour power outage on Tuesday. It was a bit stressful when you have little chicks to keep warm, but I used a hot water bottle and made a nest with towels around it. They snuggled right in and did fine until the power restored their heat lamp. Whew! Disaster averted!

My parents have now headed home and I will miss them. They had fun playing with their grandson, and I enjoyed their company a lot! My Dad taught me cribbage while he was up and now I want to make a cribbage board. Anyone in the area know how to play? I'll teach you even...


  1. OH it's too bad I don't live closer, I love playing crib! Your chickees are so cute - do you still know who A, B an C are? Glad to hear that you were home when the power was out so you could keep them warm. My mom has a story of a bad winter on the farm where she had to keep a calf in her kitchen to keep it warm by her stove! Glad you had a great visit with your parents, that's always nice too

    1. I don't know which ones are A,B,D, and E, but I don know that C is my Cochin! The others looked too similar for me to tell them apart at that age.
      Cool story about your mom! You do what you have to to keep those little animals alive, eh?


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