Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Gardening

Today was a day to get some work done in the yard, after a nice read in the sunny window. The book: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I am just starting to read her novels for the first time.

 I then headed out to the yard to dig out the turf from my wheat 'field.' Whew! It is back-breaking labour! But I finally got it all done. I just have to wait for the ground to dry out a bit before I loosen the soil and plant my wheat.
And look! No more snow! Well, barely any.
 The other day, I also dug out the garden in front of the chicken coop extension. I think I will expand the other half as well.
Oooooh, it is getting closer and closer to planting time and I can't hardly wait!


  1. Very exciting! I admire your ambition and energy-and all that with a toddler too!

  2. Wow, Kris, has the snow ever disappeared, since we were there at the beginning of the week! What a lot of work you've done!


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