Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Week in the Incubator...

I just got my eggs from the post office today. What fun! They were packed very carefully in sawdust. It was like a treasure hunt, digging through to find the eggs hidden inside. 
 The eggs I got are from birds that were thought to be purebred Australorps (the blackbird in the picture), but started to lay green eggs. They are thought to be crossed with Ameraucanas (the other bird) which lay blue eggs. This is perfect for me, because I couldn't decide between the two birds.
Pictures from mypetchicken.com

So, I've got 7 green eggs in the incubator, set to hatch in 21 days (around May 20-21). My camera had such a hard time capturing the colour that they are. I tried adding a brown egg from the fridge to give some perspective, but it still isn't close. Ah well. They are pretty eggs. Four are more bluey-green, and three are more olive green.
And so the next adventure in hatching begins! In a couple of days I will candle them to see how many are growing!

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