Saturday, May 18, 2013

An Herbal Workshop

This week, Nak'azdli hosted a 3 day workshop called "Own Your Health." One of the classes was about herbal medicines. I got to go to two of the three days and I was so glad I did! On Thursday, we loaded into a van and drove up to the keyoh (pronounced kay-oh) of one of the elders. "Keyohs are the traditional land holdings of the Dakelh (Carrier) people..." There we learned about different plants and gathered some to make medicines with later. I got to bring Kesten with me and he loved climbing on the fallen spruce tree in the forest. One of the plants we gathered was Devil's Club, which we later made into a cream, by infusing it in oil and mixing it with beeswax and sweet grass water. We got to bring little jars home with us.
 Another plant we learned about is fireweed. When it is young (like in the picture below), it can be picked an eaten like asparagus. We had some steamed fireweed for dinner with cheese sauce. Delicious! The roots of fireweed can be made into a tincture and it is a good medicine for men with swollen prostates (non-cancerous).
We learned so much and I hope this week to buy the book that the presenter wrote. There are so many good recipes in there for medicine and food and it is all plants that grow in our area (for a change!). *The author is Beverley Gray and her book is called "The Boreal Herbal."*


  1. Could you share with us the name of the book and the author?

    1. Absolutely! Her name is Beverley Gray and her book is called the Boreal Herbal


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