Monday, May 27, 2013

Dandelion Recipe Time

Remember my goals for this year? So far, I've been achieving all of them! Yay! Goal #4 was to try more dandelion recipes, and goal #3 was to make more jam. I killed two birds with one stone with my latest project. After buying the Boreal Herbal book, I decided to try out some of those recipes inside. I chose the Dandelion Petal Jelly and the Dandelion Petal Syrup.

 After picking your dandelion flowers, you have to pluck all the petals out. Each recipe required 4 cups of petals- this took awhile! But when you taste the final product, it is worth it.

 My Winter larder is expanding. New jellies and jams are being added!
 Mango chutney, dandelion wine, dandelion petal jelly, dandelion petal syrup, and rosehip jelly. I like that most of those preserves came from foraged foods. You've gotta love free food that cost you no effort to grow.
 The dandelion syrup is an ingredient that is added in many other great dandelion recipes. Now that I have the syrup made, I plan on making dandelion cake, cornbread, and muffins too. I have to make the most of this great flower while it is in bloom! And there are plans to make another batch of dandelion wine.
 Hmmm, I also want to make a pretty cake with pansies to garnish it...

And I can hardly wait until the fireweed is in bloom!

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