Monday, May 6, 2013

Early Summer

It feels like we jumped straight from Winter into Summer. The temperatures have been soaring here and are expected to last the week. We made the most of it this weekend, celebrating our 6 year anniversary, gardening, going into town, and taking our first family bike ride.
My sister came up with the genius idea of using our old baby bathtubs as kiddie pools (since neither of us have one).  Kesten loved it. Like really loved it! He splashed about and loved climbing in and out and then into his tent and then back in his pool. We played with the tub at least three times yesterday. As we were filling it up the last time, he climbed right in before I could even get his clothes off. That was one soggy diaper! 
 He had so much fun he didn't even realize he had a hat on! It's a miracle!

I candled my eggs this weekend to see how they are doing. So far, it looks like 6 out of the 7 are growing. Some of the eggs had really good visibility and I was able to see the hearts beating and pulsing in the growing chicks. It was really incredible. Here is a picture I took yesterday, 5 days into their development. The arrow points to the embryo in the centre. It's the little red kidney bean shape. You can see the blood vessels fanning out from it. We'll cross our fingers and hope that everything goes well for these eggs over the next 15 days.

And the chicks are loving being outside. They are scratching and frolicking and dust bathing to their little hearts' content. I really love that little Cochin, it is just too bad he is a boy! He comes running to see me and loves to chase anything I drag through the dirt, like a piece of straw. His legs are so fluffy, he reminds me of a little kitten! I think I'll have to get a Cochin next time.

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