Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day of May

Can you believe it will be June tomorrow? I can't! Here are some pictures to catch you up.

Dandelions are out in full force!

 We went foraging for wild foods and made a fireweed stirfry. It was delicious!
 I thought this was cool: A hide being tanned on someones back porch.
 My chickens have hit adolescence. You can tell this because they started putting up posters of sexy roosters in their coop. Oh boy, teenage girls!
 Here are those teenagers! Eggatha and Edwina (Eggwina?).

 The dwarf fruit trees that we ordered last November finally showed up!  In the foreground is my dwarf Meyer Lemon tree and behind it to the left is the dwarf orange. It will be a few years before they bear any fruit, but when they do, they will be full sized fruit (not mini).
 And we also got two dwarf banana trees. It should be a fun experiment!

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