Friday, May 3, 2013

Our First Taste of Summer

 What a day! It felt like Summer. I don't know how hot it got, but who cares! (Well, I do care, since I have to record it on my temperature scarf. How is yours doing?) I got to wear shorts and a t-shirt and run barefoot through the yard. The chicks moved outside permanently yesterday and today they enjoyed some time playing in their yard.
 And Kesten enjoyed watching them! He quickly figured out how to open the latch on their door. Oh dear!

 Haha, it looks like I've got him in a cage.
 Boos was enjoying watching the chicks too! And cursing the chicken wire!
LOOK AT MY WHEAT!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo EXCITED! Can you tell?
 This stuff is the Blue Tinge Ethiopian Wheat. Such a different colour from the Chinook Wheat in the picture above.
 After dinner, we took a drive out to see our former neighbours (they moved and we miss them!) and have a look at the ice piled up on their beach. What a beautiful warm evening for a walk along the lake!

 The rock is so smooth, worn down by centuries of crashing waves and gently lapping ripples alike.

 The pattern on this rock reminds of reflected light off water.
 Kesten and I stood in front of the pile of ice, so you could have some perspective of how high the ice is.
And then waiting for us at home was the delicious rhubarb upside down cake that I made this afternoon. I've probably already told you how much I love rhubarb, but I will say it again. I love rhubarb! It is my favourite comfort food. Mmmm, stewed rhubarb on toast!
 And whipped cream! I found the recipe for the cake here.
Well, that caps off of our first Summer day. The weekend looks like it will be amazing! Have a good one!

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