Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blissful Weekend

Once again, I am convinced that I live in paradise! What a lovely weekend. We had a birthday party for Kesten Saturday evening. It was a lovely potluck with friends and Kesten seemed to enjoy himself. I made him a "dirt" cake in a dump truck.
 He got to open a couple of presents,
 And then smear birthday cake everywhere! Look at that smile of contentment!
 Today the thermometer was over 30c (that's around 90F for any Americans). We made the most of it by taking several trips to the lake at the end of our street and jumping in. I got to take a nice long swim along the shore and another evening dip after Kesten was in bed. Glorious! I really love the water.

And something new that I just noticed yesterday:
 My wheat is growing grain now! This is the Blue Tinge Ethiopian wheat.
 And this is the Chinook wheat! I am so excited that it is working so far!

 And I've got a zucchini well on the way. The chicken coop garden is overflowing with goodness, and the little chicks have been moved outside permanently. Summer seems to be in full swing!
It's 9:15pm and the sun is still up in the sky above Mt. Pope and I can still hear people playing at the beach. Northern Summers are awesome!

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